Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Honey??? When can we go back???

So, as you can likely figure out, there were no glory stories for me at the WSOP. I didn't even make it to level 3. Quick synopsis of my day (which won't take long since I lasted exactly 2 hours).
Lost one blind v blind hand, when my 2 pair J-5 were topped by opponents 2 pair J-6 (he flopped two, I turned my 2).
Lost a pot where I was likely bluffed out of it. Uber connected board, I had top pair kings, with 10 kicker. I was in the blind, but too may hearts on board. I mucked to all in bet on river.
Those hands cost me nearly half of my stack, but I would double up when my AA held v. JJ.
Didn't play another hand until I went broke. Here's the story.
After watching 3 full orbits, I open raise (blinds are 25-50) to 150 with Q9 hearts. Not premium, but players at my table were fairly observant, so I raise it. Pick up 1 caller in seat 8 (I was in 3), button, SB fold, BB calls for 100 more.
FLOP: Q-9-3, rainbow
Niiiiiiiice.... I bet out 500 (into a pot of 475), lose seat 8, seat 1 (BB) comes along.
TURN: 2 (puts 2 diamonds on the board)
I bet out 800, seat one ships it.
I call, and he shows 2-2 for a turned set. He then says to me "I thought you had a set of 9's." My reply was simple..."why would you call on the flop then?"
River bricked off, and I was done. Not a bad beat story, but a bad play story. I heard another player in another tournament saying (as he got up from a table when he busted from a tourney), "you can't make 'em play good." Divine wisdom, right there.
No promises, but will try to hit this blog a little more often. Came home with a cash on Saturday in league event, but still thirty for a win. Haven't had one in a while. I think I'm due.
Good luck and good cards.

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